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Roland Wee.   Ronald Tay.   Roger Wee.

We are Responsible. Reliable. Reasonable. 


We are currently looking into investing in 3 startups.
Send your summary proposal to us include funding required.
We will review them and will get back to you. Email to: info@3rinvestment.com
Make sure your Business is surrounded by 3R belief.

Responsible. Reliable. Reasonable.
+ Our Vision : To bring Revenue + Relevant information = Results


Our Vision:

To bring

Revenue + Relevant information = Results for you .


Who we are:

Roger Wee:
1.Research Analyst based in China over 15 years.
2.Your China Sourcing Partner in making sure your items are being checked and delivered on time.
3.Your Market Researcher who make sure your product / location are focus and targeted BEFORE you launch.
4.Your Marketing Partner in getting the Right channels to minimize Your Cost.
5.ALL- IN- ONE:   Save You Time and Money
if you need more info about your China Project.

Ronald Tay:
1.Risk managing foreign currencies for more than 10 years + FXCM Trainer
2.There are NO Commissions and NO hidden fees to pay us.
3.Currencies such as EURO Dollars, Australian Dollars, US Dollars and even precious Metal on Gold, Silver and Copper – Complimentary Valuable Advices  
4.We even help set up your account for you at NO charge.  

 if you need FREE advices on Foreign Currencies or equities (Hong Kong / Singapore / US) 

Roland Wee:

1.Real Estate Advisor for more than 40 years.
2.Has helped many individuals made Millions.
3.Before you want to purchase any properties in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, ask him.  His Valuable advices cost nothing, he will even give you a list of Reliable property agents to purchase from ( as we all know, there are plenty of them out there, but who is Reliable,Responsible, Reasonable ? )
4.Guaranteed No Property Seminars to sell or Property clubs to join.   .  This is a FREE service and FREE advices.


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